Garmin Instinct -How To Setup Interval Training

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In this video we will look at how you can setup interval training for a run or cardio activity on your Garmin Instinct. Internval training can running 10's and 1's or HIIT workouts. You can also add in reps, warm up or cool down periods to this workout. Normally, if you do a regular type of interval workout, you can set it once and use when you need it during the training schedule. We will use the RUN activity for this, but you can also find the interval option for the CARDIO activity. 1. PRESS the GPS button and choose RUN or CARDIO from your activity favorites list. If you don't see it in the list, you can select ADD and find it. 2. PRESS and HOLD the MENU/UP button and select TRAINING 3. SCROLL down and select INTERVAL. From here you can see at the top of the screen the default or last set interval. If you do the same interval workout once you set it, you can always return and select DO WORKOUT. If this is your first time setting up, select EDIT and define your interval. You can set the TYPE of INTERVAL, usually TIME, DISTANCE or OPEN. Depending on the option, you can then set the duration or distance for the main activity. Other settings are REST. Again you can choose time, distance or open type. Optional setting that follows are :LAPS, WARM UP & COOL DOWN. Once you have the interval settings setup, you can simply select DO WORKOUT and press the GPS button the START/STOP the activity. --------- 🚛 #Truckcamping Gear List 🚛 🛰️Latest Garmin Products 🛰️ 🛒 Accessories For Your Garmin 🛒 🚴 #FatBike and #BikePacking Gear 🚴 --------- #avoidingchores #garmin #garmin instinct

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