Voxoa HD Wireless Headphone Review and Unboxing

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CHECK HERE === http://www.headphonereviewhq.com/get/voxoa-wireless-hd/ === Pros: - Incredibly comfortable - Great, impactful bass - Neutral sounding mids and highs - 16 hours of battery life on single, 3 hour charge - NFC works perfectly on Android and Windows 8 Phone - Bluetooth - Intuitive and well laid out controls for wireless device management - Clear voice on phone calls - Will play directly via USB through a computer! Nice bonus! - 1 Year warranty Cons: - Not for the "active" wearer as it tends to slide off your head with any quick motion - Not audiophile sound as there are subtle details missing from the music, especially in mids and highs - Feel like they're a tad bit fragile (but they do come with a 1 year warranty) To sum things up quickly, I have to say that I am a big fan of these headphones. It's not often that form meets function like it does with these headphones. The convenience paired with the "fun" sound of these headphones makes them one of my favorite go-to sets when I'm not looking for the audiophile-nirvana experience. No, these are not audiophile headphones, but yes, they are very easy to listen to, and are forgiving of less than perfect source material. If you're a streamer (which most people are nowadays), you'll enjoy listening to the Voxoa's and you won't hear all the problems in the bit rates. Also, these work well for just about any genre. While they don't have the detail of headphones like the Audio-Technica M50's or the Beyerdynamic DT880's, what they do is they sound great, and definitely more than good enough to make it an easy decision to pick these up when you factor in all the convenience they offer in their bluetooth connectivity. I was actually quite shocked at how good these sound wirelessly - it's the best pair of bluetooth headphones I've tried to date - as a matter of fact, the only ones that I would recommend that I've personally tried. NOTE: If you love bass, these things do incredible if you decide you want to EQ the bass up - seriously, you can get into Beats type of bass with these, and they sound absolutely fantastic. I was shocked - especially due to the size of these, I just didn't expect that kind of bass output. If you like the idea of wireless, and you want to enjoy your music, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Voxoa's - it's not often I get this excited about a set of headphones - I was COMPLETELY caught off guard with these. I had no idea I would enjoy them this much. Get them here: http://www.headphonereviewhq.com/get/voxoa-wireless-hd/ Check out the latest on my site: http://www.headphonereviewhq.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/headphonereviewhq Twitter: @headphonehq SUBSCRIBE!!! Share with your friends and family!!!

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