Natural Hair| 5 Ways to Style Two-Strand Twist/Short to Medium Length

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Welcome :) This video Tutorial is styling two-strand twist for those days that you want to do some different, great protective style for winter and summer,, (my hair is 6 inches),, I got really creative ! Enjoy! There is 5 styles on this video Links to other style ideas: Protective style up-do with/French braid: Finger Coil Technique link: Front Puff on short hair link; Tapered look without the cut link: High Puff link: Wash and go defining my curls: Updo link: High bun link: Protective style updo link: Super easy Flattwist&cornrow Video: Super easy braid-out video : Super easy Twist-out Video: Big chop-My story: Hair bow Hair flower DIY flaxseed gel: DIY coconut oil: Updo link: High bun link: Mini braids on coily/curly natural hair Instagram @4adaniels Business Email:

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Published at: 5 years ago
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