【Ice Dragon Megatron】Jiangxing Transformers BW Cold Dragon Matai Beast-01B Cryotek Dragon robot toys

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【SimplifyTransform】Jiangxing Cold dragon matai beast-01B Transformers Beast Machines style Cryotek ice dragon Megatron robot toys simplify transform demonstrate review 变形金刚 BW 匠型 蓝龙 冰龙 威震天 零度大师 变形金刚玩具 トランスフォーマー おもちゃ All of TOY BASE toys are real transform. If you like TOY BASE videos, please don’t forget to subscribe to us and turn on the little bell. TOY BASE will prepare more cars , Airplanes and animal robot toys are made into videos, and we look forward to your joining TOY BASE. Keep happy boys! and old boys! ►Subscribe:https://www.youtube.com/c/TOYBASEZEVEN?sub_confirmation=1 #Transformers #变形金刚 #трансформеры #トランスフォーマー #트랜스포머 #BeastMachines #megatron #Dragon

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