MS Access Document Management

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Access Document Management is MS Access database for adding, editing, viewing and searching trough all added documents. Keep all your documents in one place, ready for use when you need them. By sharing it over network it became powerful document management system. Visit website: ************************************************ This database is 100% working with the existing tables and forms, but you can also adjust it to suit your own needs. Database allows you to add, view, edit and search through your digitized documents. Using Classification function export the whole database content is in .pdf file, so you can print it. Purchase: ************************************************ Share Access Document Management over network and use it simultaneously at the same time between several users. Using Access Splitting function it becomes a powerful DMS tool (Document Management System) shared over network, just split a database and share it between several users through network (e.g. NAS server). This way all users can use it at the same time meaning that you can easily add or review all documents in database simultaneously. Have questions? Contact: Social networks: ************************************************ Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

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