The Versatile LeverEDGE Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift

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At first glance, this is a mere piece of deadlift equipment. You could not be more mistaken if you thought a tire was a liquorice donut. Click to see WBFF figure pro Carlene Steenekamp demonstrate the multitude of exercises possible on this remarkable device. Features include: Weights at the Ready There are four chrome-plated Olympic bar-sized weight storage pegs that keep plates handy for rapid adjustments between sets. Especially handy in a piece like this, since trap shrugs, deadlifts and the like usually involve a lot of weight. Extra Long Loading Pegs For the bigger brutes, athletes and bodybuilders out there, you can load up 9 plates on each lever arm. Versatile Positioning Each handle is adjustable for both height and angle. This allows users to set a high starting height for trap shrugs, or down low for deadlifts; and the angle is adjustable so the user can face in or out. Dual Handles Provides a wider grip for larger users, or a narrow grip for smaller users. Unique Ankle Rollers Rest a leg here while facing outward to do split squats and split lunges! Or, you can even rest both thighs on them while facing inward to do tricep dips! For more information about the rest of our LeverEDGE plate-loaded line, contact Legend Fitness today! 866.7.LEGEND

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