Kafka Streams - Installing Multi Node Kafka Cluster

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Hello and welcome to Kafka Streams – Real-time stream processing at Learning Journal. This video complements my book on Kafka Streams. You can get more details about the book at the below URL. https://www.learningjournal.guru/ebook/kafka-streams-real-time-stream-processing/ The book includes several code examples. If you are willing to follow along and try those examples yourself, you will need to set up a small Kafka cluster and some other tools such as development IDE and a build tool. This video is based on the book’s Appendix A – Installing Kafka Cluster. This video will provide detailed instructions to set up the exact environment that is used to create and test the examples in the book. In this video, we will create a three-node Kafka cluster in the Cloud Environment. I will be using Google Cloud Platform to create three Kafka nodes and one Zookeeper server. So, you will need four Linux VMs to follow along. We will be using CentOS 7 operating system on all the four VMs. Great! Let’s start. We will follow a four-step process. 1. Preparing the VMs for Kafka 2. Configuring the Zookeeper 3. Configuring Kafka Brokers 4. Testing Kafka Installation Transcript and commands of this video are available at below URL ----------------------------------- www.learningjournal.guru/article/kafka/installing-multi-node-kafka-cluster/

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