How well do you know Allah SWT? Tafseer of Surah Hadid 1-7 by Imam Jawad Ahmed

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Register for future online Quran Study sessions at How well do you know Allah SWT? Surah al-Hadid, 57:1-7 Do you ever wonder who Allah is? What His attributes are? Who is the One who sent the Quran to humanity? Who has conferred the responsibilities on you and on each and every human being? Who are you going to stand in front of to give account of your life on Judgment day? Once we know Him, we will never have any doubt as to who deserves to be worshiped. But we must ask ourselves — is faith enough? Join us as we seek greater knowledge of Allah SWT and discuss why faith is just a foundation, why faith is not enough and what must accompany it if we are to be successful. For more information: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Website: Phone: (855) 855-ICNA Donate at Volunteer at Annual Convention at

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