US troops celebrate Christmas in Bagram base



++NIGHT SHOTS++ 1. Pan from vehicles in US military base in Bagram Airfield to US soldiers singing Christmas Carols 2. Mid of soldiers passing by 3. Close up of soldier shouting: (English) "Joy to the world" 4. Close up of gun carried by soldier, UPSOUND: Soldiers singing "Joy to the World" 5. Various of soldiers singing Christmas carol, UPSOUND: Soldiers singing "Joy to the World" 6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Karen Meeker, US soldier: "I miss my family in Pennsylvania, but with God's family there's always family and with the military it's a very close bond. So as you can see a lot of us gather together, so that no one's alone even on this Christmas Eve." 7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Catory Bredl, US soldier: ++AUDIO AS INCOMING++ "You know, I like getting letters from the kids. You know we're serving our country, so it is all about you know helping others, and not just receiving gifts, but you know. I think just by helping other people and that's the most thing I like about Christmas." 8. Various of soldiers performing interpretive mime dance 9. Close up of soldiers watching performance 10. Close up of performer 11. Wide of soldiers clapping 12. Close up of chaplain reading bible 13. Mid of soldiers praying 14. Close up of guns carried by soldiers STORYLINE United States soldiers based in Bagram Airfield began Christmas celebrations in Afghanistan on Wednesday. Bagram Airbase is one of the main US military bases in Afghanistan, where US soldiers serving with NATO forces are based. The Christmas Eve celebrations began with soldiers singing Christmas carols. One US soldier, Karen Meeker, said that although she missed her family, serving her country meant that Christmas was about "helping others." US is the biggest troop contributor in the fight against Taliban and its al-Qaida allies. The top US military officer said on Saturday, during a recent visit to Afghanistan, that the Pentagon could double the number of American forces in Afghanistan by next summer to 60-thousand, the largest estimate of potential reinforcements. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:

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