Kati Rán - SUURIN

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Read more on the lyrics, the origin and English translation below in the description box. Music by: Kati Rán Videoproduction by: Kati Rán Camera: Joel Schilder Editor: Florian Vermeulen Equipment & Crew: Joost Kelderman | INVITE -AV (www.Invite-AV.nl) Track: SUURIN from the Nordic Folk album LYS. Artist: Kati Rán Composed, Arranged and Performed by: Kati Rán Recording & Mastering: Christopher Juul | LAVA Studios Guest vocals: Maria Franz (Heilung) | 'Lokkr' Vocals and Kai Uwe Faust (Heilung) | Throatsinging & Wolf Spirit Special Thanks to: Esther Binneveld and her crossbreed Wolfhounds 'Blue' and 'Coco' 24.01.16 All rights reserved. www.kati-ran.nl www.facebook.com/ran.musician ____________________________________________________ The text used in written form and dialect is directly lended with courtesy from the SUOMALAINEN TIEDEAKATEMIA | Academia Scientarum Fennica with their Publications of FF Communications on Oral Folklore Studies, Helsinki 2006 by Anthropologist and Professor of Ethnology Laura Stark. All public comments regarding linguistic writing form in this Karelean dialect are redirected to this source. LYRICS: Mie suusi suurin - I am the greatest wolf Suveks syömää - A wolf to eat them Muut lampaaks lautsan alle - Others will be sheep under the bench Mie suusi suurin - I am the greatest wolf Mie karhu kankahalla - I am a bear on the heath Miun veret pieälimmäisinä - My blood above all others Mie suusi suurin - I am the greatest wolf Suveks Syömään - A wolf to eat them Muut lauhtuoh lampahaksi - Others grow weaker to be sheep Minä sudeksi - May I be a wolf Muut lampahiksi - May others be sheep Mie suusi suurin - I am the greatest wolf ________________________________________________

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