The Lions Army[Nature Documentary]HD

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In the Kruger National Park there is a hunting force that rivals anything else in Africa: a lion pride, 26 members strong! Despite the females’ hunting prowess, nine adolescent males dominate every kill. Bigger and stronger, they bully their way to the best spots on the carcass. The pride’s two powerful males could easily enforce discipline, but with them away on patrol, the unruly youngsters are running riot. When eight strong lionesses split from the megapride, food pressure mounts as the remaining females struggle to cater to their sons’ growing demands. Unfocused, uncoordinated and ineffective hunters, the youngsters offer little support to ease the strain. Untamed Siberia: Bears of Alaska: Bears & Wolves of Yellowstone: How Eyes Evolved: Wild Cuba: Expedition Pitcairn Island: Borneo Pygmy Elephant: Zebra Epic Migration: Crows Friend or Foe:

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