Scribblenauts Unlimited 193 FNaF Sister Location Animatronics in Object Editor

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This episode takes the speed creates of the past and slows them down into an in-depth commentary on Baby, Bidybab, Ennard, and Minireena, but also discusses Funtime Freddy/Bonnie Puppet and Funtime Foxy, to make all of these animatronics in the Scribblenauts Unlimited Object Editor! Links to videos discussed in this episode: Sister Location Live Stream 1 - FNaF SL live stream 2 - Ballora in Scribblenauts commentary - Funtime Freddy & Funtime Foxy in Scribblenauts commentary - Elite members of Kendopolis (those who have given to my Patreon) - JoMoDo07

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Published at: ۳ years ago
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