*Demolition Derby.

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Stiletto information for this video. Stiletto Brand: Elegant. Stiletto Height: 4.5 Inches. Material: Man Made. Size: UK 4. Country Made: UK. Hello Everyone. First up I am not sure if anybody reads the description I add with the videos but I hope some people find it interesting telling you the back ground of each uploaded video. I hope you are all okay and I trust you enjoyed the outtakes video? They were all genuine outtakes that we thought really mmmm not sure about this segment or not sure about that segment This second year on Youtube will feature some more of my stiletto collection that you will have never seen before on my channel but the old favourites will be making an appearance from time to time. Well back to the latest video. On a recent trip to Nottingham we decided to have a day out in Derby. I thought I am wearing these tie-dye leggings I could wear my black patent stilettos, a real 80s look on show here I think in this upload. I thought we should shoot a video of me in this outfit and here is the result. I was going to call the video Leaving My Mark but decided on Demolition Derby. The latest video features the Elegant patent stilettos (which will be taking a back seat for a while now I am afraid) some tie-dye leggings with tan pantyhose underneath. Some subscribers have requested pantyhose under jeans etc so I thought I would wear some under these leggings. I really hope the heel scraping, tapping, heel bending and the sound of the stilettos on the tiles will please people. I think the sound recording came out absolutely superb. This a stiletto channel after all and I will never lose sight of this although certain clothes do help with certain shoes and boots. Thank you all again for the anniversary wishes, support in the first year and I hope I can carry on pleasing you all in my second year. Love, best wishes to you all and take care in whatever you are doing, Debbie XXXXXX

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