Art Of Cardistry

8 M


Music: Cardist: Richard Turner: The Virts: Zach Mueller: Anton Tymoshenko: Kenneth Aidan Foo: Shin Lim: Cardistry and Card flourish move list: 0:04 Ribbon Spread 0:16 Pressure Fan 0:36 Orbit Spread by Bill Perkins 0:49 Waterwheel by Huron Low, Daren Yeow, Elijah Cai 0:53 Hot Shot Cut by Daryl Easton 1:07 Perfect Faro + V Cascade by Daren Yeow 1:35 Deck Flip 1:37 Hackey Sack 1:38 Ripple by Kenneth Aidan Foo 1:44 The 7 Second Pirouette by the virts 1:52 Tornado Cut by Ashford Kneitel 1:54 Riffle Fan by Dimitri Aleri 2:05 Indice Fan 2:18 Yo Lee Asher 2:24 Gian Fan 2:31 Armspread 2:34 Bloom By Zach Mueller 2:49 Card Isolation by Jaspas Cut 2:52 Anaconda by Bone Ho 3:05 The Leno Cut by Dan and Dave Buck 3:15 Blockbuster by Kevin Ho 3:19 Card Spring 3:22 Flicker Shot Behind the Back by Huron Low 3:45 Waterfall 3:56 Erdanse Color Change 4:15 Drop Card by Cardists around the world kappa :D RoMi Anonymous Thanks for watching!!!

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