Wildcraft A Whole New Update?||New Map,Den,Animals(Npc),Accessories,Mystics And Much More||

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Hi Guys,Hope You Are All Fine! iam back again woth a New Video,Wildcraft's New Egypt Update Where There Are New Mystics,Accessories,Den,Map And Much More. There Is Also a Combat System Added: Previously, animals and enemies had three indicators that showed their uniqueness in the game - health, strength and speed. And now They Are adding two new stats: critical hit and evasion. They do not change with levels, but are unique for each animal. How does a critical hit work? Every animal has a certain chance of inflicting damage to an enemy with a multiplier on impact. For example, 20% to deal double damage on hit. How does evasion work? Your animal has a certain chance of dodging a blow entirely, thereby not receiving any damage. For example, 15% to dodge an enemy strike. Who is affected by critical hits and evasion? In short, everyone: game animals, transformations, enemies and pets. Everyone has their own stats except for pets - all pets have the same stats. Some animals make critical hits more often, others rarely but with a higher multiplier, and some may have a high chance of dodging. Some animals have high base indicators of strength and health, but a small chance of critical hit and evasion - for those who prefer stability. This innovation improves the game and battles by bringing sparkle and surprise.😀 For example, consider the possible options during the battle: - you deliver a critical hit to the enemy - the enemy deals a critical hit at you - you dodge the enemy strike - the enemy dodges your blow At the same time, you can dodge a critical hit. Critical hits have a separate animation, and when they hit the target, they make a special sound. You can also hear a special sound when critical hit misses you. Critical damage will be highlighted, so all information will be at your disposal. And most importantly, we've made all animals and transformations relevant and balanced. Basically, they all have a different playstyle, but each one of them is strong in its own way. Now you don't have to play only as a tiger or a bear, simply because they are the strongest and beefiest. Of course you will soon be able to try all these changes yourself. Hope You Guys Understand. Bye.

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