Burning Crusade Classic: An Ode to Returning Heroes

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Join your fellow heroes and step through the Dark Portal into World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic! Return to Outland on June 1st. Journey beyond Azeroth in the next WoW Classic adventure! Prepare to face the forces of the Burning Legion - Battle to level 70, ride majestic flying mounts, and master two additional races: the mystical blood elves and the pious draenei. #WoWClassic #BurningCrusade Learn more at http://WoWClassic.com ►Latest WoW news: http://worldofwarcraft.com/news ►Subscribe to WoW: http://blizz.ly/WoWYTSub ►Visit WoW on Battle.net: https://blizz.ly/3hDM1Na -- ►Follow WoW on Twitter: https://twitter.com/warcraft ►Follow WoW on Instagram: https://instagram.com/warcraft ►Like WoW on Facebook: https://facebook.com/warcraft

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