Solar Wind Decrease, 2nd Confirmation of 2030 Mini Ice Age | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (86)

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Second Confirmation the Sun is Reducing Output and where the cold spots will be upon Earth. State of the Climate Temp reconstruction Ice Age Certainty Video Rolf Witzsche Text and Image gallery Jupiter’s spots shrinking, so on Earth there are effects on our weather patterns. The effects of the diminished electric solar dynamics are not limited to the Earth alone, but are also evident on the planets. One observed effect is the shrinking of the great read spot on Jupiter that became visibly smaller since the weakening trend began. Strange New Zealand Cold and Snow Australia Snow and Cold Solar Minimums chart Correlation of Wolf Minimum and 2015-2035 Minimum. Wolf Minimum temperatures fell off of Mid-evil Maximum, which were maximum solar activity in 2015 we just came off of 3000 year maximum in soar activity and are going to drop back and follow exactly the 13 47 cooling as the planets match exactly in orbital position. Solar wind decrease Cosmic Ray Chart Temperature Variability Our Electric Star It is instead a part of an anti-entropic networks of cosmic energy streams that power every sun, in which our sun functions essentially as but a cosmic catalytic energy converter. It glows brilliantly with the electric energy flowing into it, attracted in part by gravity and in part by the electric force. Thus flowing streams of electric energy are inherent in the nature of plasma that fills all space. Transition to Mini Ice Age The steep drop-off in temperature that the ice core data indicates in the boundary region to the previous Ice Age would not be possible in the theorized entropic universe where the Sun is regarded as a steady-state fusion furnace, burning by its own fuel. When the Sun is electrically powered, where large fluctuations are not only be possible, but are expected as boundary phenomena of a powerful electric system changing from a high-intensity state to a low-intensity state. Solar System Wide climate change NZ July Cold Weather Cold Records South Africa Highways closed indefinitely due to snow Snow in Hawaii Geomar Tree Ring and European Solar Minimum Data Geoff sharp comments and not 60% drop in sunspots but solar activity Plus new scientist Orbital Periodicity

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