Matching My #Sony a6500 Picture Profile to My #Canon 60D - Boring Test Video

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I wanted to find a picture profile on my Sony a6500 that would match my favorite profile on my Canon 60D. I found it. See my gear: I was quite surprised to find Sony's "faithful' picture profile as the best match for the reference video I shot on my Canon 60D. It's a profile that I have never used but in this case, it did a pretty good job at matching the 'neutral' picture profile of my 60D. Actually most of the more baked in picture profiles like 'still,' 'movie,' and 'faithful' were a pretty good match for the more saturated, contrasty look of the Canon 60D. Of course I think this will be different in different lighting situations but in this case, PP4 was the closest match. Make sure to check out my Sony Picture Profile video so that you get a better understanding of which profile people are using when they say SLOG, Cine1, etc. ► The talking head shots of me were color graded using Christian Maté Grab's color profile: Cine Vintage LUT available here: I'm enjoying it and it's only a few dollars. Well worth supporting another great YouTuber, check out his channel too: ► My Canon 60D Picture Profile "Ray's Way" Custom Pic Profile based on Neutral or Standard Sharpness turn down to 1 Contrast all the way down Saturation all the way down Color Tone - no change Based on the Pro Lost Flat profile: See picture of my settings here: 🖍 🎉 Join The Podcasters' Studio [free]: ► SUBSCRIBE ► INSTAGRAM: ► TWITTER: ► FACEBOOK: ► Support this channel on PATREON: 🎥 🖥 GEAR USED TO MAKE THIS VIDEO 🎤 🤘 (affiliate links) ► Sony a6500: ► LENS: Sony FE 28mm F2: ► Rode VideoMic Pro: ► Transcend 65GB SDXC card for 4K ► Canon 60D DSLR camera ► Sigma 30mm 1.4 *all links should be considered affiliate links. Using these links helps support this content. I always encourage you to shop around for the best prices at the time you are viewing this. You can read my ethics statement via Thanks for the support! #a6500 #pictureprofiles #sony #28mm #mirrorless #Rode #VideoMicPro #Canon60D

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