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MIMIKYU ISN'T PORYGON! Pokemon Sun and Moon Mimikyu Theory Pt.1 MIMIKYU EXPOSED! Pokemon Sun and Moon Mimikyu Theory Pt.2 What is Mimikyu? This is one of the biggest Pokemon Mysteries since we don't know what is under Mimikyu's disguise. Is Mimikyu's True form another Pokemon that is upset over Pikachu's success or is Mimikyu simply a random ghost that feels the best way to be loved is my copying others? Mimikyu's Song Pokemon Sun and Moon Mimikyu Ken Sugimori Interview EVERY POKEMON MOVESET - Verlisify Pokemon Movesets ✔ Support The Verlisify Channel JOIN THE VERLISIFY FAN DISCORD Use Code "Verlisify" for 10% off your GFUEL order BUY Pokemon Loot on Amazon SPONSOR on Youtube Gaming Other Websites ►YOUTUBE GAMING LINK - VERLISIFY ►Pokemon Moveset / Pokemon Team List ►Pokemon Type Coverage Checker ► Pokemon News / New Pokemon Strategy Guides and Information - Pokemon News ---Patreon Shoutout--- Leo Espinoza TripleTank Neil Willis ----- Music ---- Hyper Potions & Samme - Puppy Raceway

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