Dodge Demon vs Modded CTS-V

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Want to support Demonology? Become a member! Merch Store: Get 10% off at when you use code "DEMON19" at checkout! Weld Racing As a Cadillac owner myself I could not turn down the opportunity to run my Demon with the Cadillac CTS-Vs that were tearing up the track at the Texas Motorplex. The guys there were very excited to see my Demon and wanted to see the Demon on the track so one of the sponsors for the event invited me to race with the CTS-Vs. There were some crazy suped up Caddies on the track doing some crazy burnouts and running some really fast times. This was the best car event I've ever been to at the track! Special Thanks to all those guys at the CTS-V Racing Invitational for being so gracious and to Creed Young for inviting me to race. Shoutout to Photographer Craig Isreal Please like and subscribe if you want to see more Dodge Demon content!! Support us by visiting: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Music: Maxwell Young - Spark Dyalla Swain - Feel Good ll Get her tracks: ll Soundcloud: ll Instagram: ll Twitter:

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