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THIS TIME AT QUANTASTIC, WE HAVE PUT TOGETHER OUR REGULAR DOSE OF IDEAS AND INSPIRATION FOR YOU. WE HAVE EVERYTHING FROM PRACTICING POTTERY SKILLS TO PAPER PETAL ARRANGING TO FLOOD YOUR MIND WITH IDEAS FOR YOUR FUTURE CREATIONS. ( ) Check Out These Amazing Artists: PABLO ROCHAT Instagram: Pablo is a creative art director who edits original and hilarious photos and videos. He's really funny! DINO TOMIC Instagram: He’s been passionate about drawing since a young age, by the time he would be 26 years old he wanted to be a good/great artist known internationally, And now, passed the age of 26 years old, he is one of the most special and different artists in the world. CRAFT09 Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: This creator gives tutorials on how to create amazing origami pieces. Check her social media and give her tutorials a try, they are incredible! T-JONES Instagram: Tiktok: T-jones is a design and set artist who creates his sculptures with a touch of unique personality THE GAL SHIR Instagram: Gal Shir is a young digital artist. What does it mean to be a digital artist? It means that his pieces are not made on paper. They are made on a digital screen, which makes them even more special and mesmerizing to watch! PANGAEAN STUDIOS Instagram: Facebook: Russell Powell is an accomplished oil painter and creator of a unique handstamping technique. His method is to create a portrait on his hand and then transfer the image to paper. You have to see his technique and all the amazing things he can do! SHANNON FAVIA Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Facebook: Shannon Favia certainly has a very particular style. You can find from customized basketballs to stylish boots in her work. They will captivate you! OLGA LADY ART Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: Saatchiart: This amazing paper artists will blow your mind with their 3D paper made creations. Achieving this deep sensations with just colored paper is pure creativity. You don't want to miss this unique artist! PEN-TACULAR-ARTIST Devinart: We are definitely facing one of the best artists who create works of all kinds from black pen BRICK SCIENCE Instagram: Youtube: Are you a fan of LEGO's creations? This artist's fascinating compositions will blow your mind! GREEN ANIMALS TOPIARY GARDEN TAKAO RAILWAY MUSEUM OLBRICH BOTANICAL GARDENS CHRISTINA LORRE Instagram: Shop: Christina Lorre paints incredible digital artworks. Her pieces are defined by a lively and an expressive design. Women are mostly depicted in her work. Check it out! AMY KOUR Instagram: This Russian artist is a great portrait artist. Her style is one hundred percent realistic but it's full of emotion. VIBRANT LINOCUT & ILLUSTRATION Instagram: Anna is a linocut and illustration artist. She likes to create girls using different layers of linocut. Normally, she uses bright colors for her work and many details. Check her out! PHIL MALTZ Instagram: Youtube: Shop: Phil is a self-taught sketcher who has painted London houses since 2018. His collection goes from big houses outside the city to flower shops that cover the corners. Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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