Wedge Powered Edge Clamps - Woodworking Tool Hack

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Adapting F Clamps to Edge Clamps using a simple Wedge Hack ↓↓↓ Details in the description below↓↓↓ Subscribe ↓↓↓ Like ↓↓↓Share↓↓↓ I had this idea to use Bessey style F Clamps as an Edge Clamp. The solution was to create a very simple Wedge Block adapted to fit into the bar to hold Edge Banding or other material in position during glue up. It produces more than enough pressure and is made from scrap or leftover material, easily recycled instead wasting it. This is a very easy project for a beginner to woodworking and a very handy addition to the workshop. I like the idea of making my own Tools, especially if it is a Tool that is not easily found or readily available. Handmade Tools give great satisfaction and for me it is fun knowing that I created something to help me better improve my woodworking experience. If you like what I do, then please Subscribe, Like and Share my Videos. It really helps to support My Channel and to create new content on a regular basis. Namaste ॐ

Published by: The Wood Yogi
Published at: 2 years ago
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