Disney Deleted Scenes That Would Have Changed The Entire Movie

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These Deleted Disney & Pixar Scenes Are Crazy! Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-TheBinger No film is perfect. They all have to work at it until they get it right. This is even true for Disney movies. Did you know that Lilo and Stitch wasn’t originally set in Hawaii? Or that there was a totally different ending to The Lion King? There’s tons of deleted scenes and concepts around many of the most famous films to come out of the Mickey Mouse factory. Some of them are so huge that they would literally change the entire fabric of the movie’s plot. Seriously, there’s some groundbreaking moments in this list. The plans they had for Moana are shocking. This is all surface stuff. Some of these entries would have been disastrous if the producers went through with them. It’s all here in the latest video from The Binger, so what are you waiting for? Give that play button a click and prepare to be amazed!

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Published at: ۹ months ago