Roli Seaboard or Lightpad - Which one should you buy?

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🔥Buy from ROLI Roli Seaboard Block (Sweetwater) ROLI Seaboard Rise 25 (Sweetwater) Roli Lightpad Block (Sweetwater) These links may be part of affiliate programs. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In this video I compare the Roli Seaboard Block with the Lightpad Block, describing the similarities and the differences between the two devices. Both devices are midi controllers that offer MPE (multidimensional polyphonic expression) which basically allows you more sound control (dimensions of touch) than a typical keyboard or midi controller. You can learn more about controlling the 5 dimensions of touch Slide, Press, Strike, Glide, and Lift in my video here: Both the Lightpad Block and the Seaboard Block are small midi controllers that can control any sound, but Roli also provides the Noise app for playing sounds on your iPhone, Android, or iPad as well as the Equator plugin which allows you to play Roli sounds with any DAW. I’ve created many more videos about the Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block. You can watch them using the links below. Buy the Seaboard Block: (Amazon paid link) Buy the Lightpad Block: (Amazon paid link) Watch my Roli Seaboard Block videos: 1. First impressions: 2. With GarageBand and Ableton: 3. Demoing the FULL version of Equator: 4. Using it with an iPad: 5. LightPad Block performance: 6. Creating new sounds with Equator: - My Music GEAR - These links may be part of affiliate programs. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My trusty computer - (Amazon paid link) The best headphones EVER - (Amazon paid link) My main audio interface - (Amazon paid link) Excellent audio interface for beginners or anyone really - Amazing studio monitors for the price - (Amazon paid link) My main keyboard - The most expressive keyboard EVER: (Amazon paid link) The most complete virtual instrument collection - I don’t leave home without this controller: (Amazon paid link) Drum pads with the best sensitivity - The best DAW ever - (Amazon paid link) My main DAW controller - (Amazon paid link) Great microphone for vocals: (Amazon paid link) Subwoofer that did the job - (Amazon paid link) Expressive control from the future - (Amazon paid link) My preferred mini keyboard - (Amazon paid link) Keyboard that’s a workflow beast - (Amazon paid link) The ULTIMATE hardware synth: (Amazon paid link) - FOLLOW ME on Social Media- Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: 💼 Business contact: Tags: Seaboard block or Lightpad block,Seaboard block,lightpad block,seaboard block review,roli block,lightpad block review,seaboard vs lightpad,seaboard theme,equator sounds,roli equator,retro synth vst,seaboard rise,create sounds for seaboard,how to,tutorial,seaboard sounds,seaboard review,lightpad review,roli blocks,sanjayc,midi,lightpad block,bluetooth keyboard,midi controller,seaboard rise,drum pad,roli blocks,midi keyboard,mpe,seaboard keyboard

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Published at: 2 years ago
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