Learn Hip Hop Dance: The Old Man

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How to Dougie: http://bit.ly/DOUGIE Like the crazy legs, the old man originally comes from the funk styles of popping and electric boogaloo. It was invented by the Electric Boogaloos. Shoulders and HipsPractice isolating your shoulders, leaning them from left to right and back again. As you do this, poke your hips out in the opposite direction. Legs1. Lift your right leg, bending it at the knee. Kick it down, then continue its motion forward, sweeping it forward, off the ground and outward. Your other knee should be bent. When you're sweeping your right leg outward, your weight should be on that left leg. End the outward sweep by bringing the foot down to rest flat on the floor. 2. Now, lean those shoulders to the left side like you practiced. While pushing your hips out, step inward with your left foot. While bringing your hips back in, step to the right with your right foot. 3. Repeat step two as many times as you'd like. Adding the Arms1. The arms don't come into play until after the first kick. To add the arms, stick your right arm downward over your left leg every time you're landing that right foot's outward sweep. Your left arm should be held above hip height and bent at the elbow. 2. When you switch your hips and shoulders to the left side, switch your arms, bringing the right arm upward and the left arm downward. When you switch the hips and shoulders back, switch the arms back. Music by Btonez of #TeamWest Productions Read more by visiting our page at: http://www.mahalo.com/courses/learn-hip-hop-dance/familiar-faces/the-old-man//

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