Materials And Tools For Design Sketching

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In this video I will show you the tools and materials I use in my product design sketches and that I will use during this Inktober. If you want to see my Inktober sketches follow me on Instagram or on my Patreon page. ⇒ INSTAGRAM: ⇒ PATREON: Links to materials and tool in order of comparison. Textured sketch pad: Ballpoint pen: Layout Paper: Markers paper: Copic Ciao Markers: Copic Markers refill: Ink liners: Watercolor paper: Watercolors: Watercolor Brushes: Hi-Tec-C Pens: Water Brush Pen: Liquid Watercolors: Toned Tan Paper: White Pencil: White Pen: Pentel Brush Pen: Jake Parker Website: ▶ I am an industrial designer and a maker. I like to make prototypes, unique pieces, equipment and other stuff. I make almost everything by my hands, but I will never be a master in what I do, because I do too many different things to be really good in any of them. I hope, anyway, to be able to inspire someone else with my videos... ▶ If you like my videos please subscribe: and maybe consider to SHARE them on your favorite social! ⇒ MY WEBSITE: ⇒ FACEBOOK: ⇒ INSTAGRAM: Thank you for watching!

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