Decode SV Startup Success - Product Market Fit (Michael Seibel, Y Combinator) | UC Berkeley

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"Decode Silicon Valley Startup Success" is a semesterly DeCal offered under the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley. The third lecture is titled Product Market Fit. It features guest speaker, Michael Seibel, CEO of Y Combinator. In this lecture, Michael talked about his experience as the CEO of Y Combinator, his startup experience of founding Twitch and Socialcam, and his advice to young entrepreneurs. This lecture was recorded on February 27th, 2019. Speaker Bio At the age of 23, Michael founded Twitch and developed it into the largest gaming broadcast platform (LoL, Dota2, PUBG etc.). Later, he sold Twitch to Amazon for $1 billion. At the age of 33, he became the CEO and the first African American partner at Y Combinator, the largest startup accelerator that has incubated over 1900 startups and funded over 4000 entrepreneurs in the last decade. To date, the total valuation of startups funded by YC exceeded $100 billion. During his career at Y Combinator, Michael mentors and invests in hundreds of startups including Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, Twitch, etc. Michael is an important mentor to Airbnb's founders and introduced the team to YC, which later proved to be the transforming point for Airbnb and set the company on the trajectory to become a game-changing unicorn. Over the past couple of years, Michael works closely with early-stage startups and help them find product market fit in areas including Biotech, Aerospace, FinTech, and etc. Before joining Y Combinator, Michael co-founded Twitch (sold to Amazon for $1 billion) and Socialcam(exit for $60 million in merely 18 months). Before that, he was a Yale student majored in political science. For more information, check out our website or email at

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