Life Probably Exists Beyond Earth - Extraterrestrial Space Universe Science Fiction Documentaries !

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The potential for alien life has continuously fascinated the human race, so much so that it has garnered a multitude of followers far and wide in search of answers and to better the truths that surround it. While alien life may not be a proven scientific fact, the obvious notion everyone seems to take (often believing in it, or not) is that the total vastness of space and infinite dimensions of time in themselves stipulate the answer we all seek: yes. Life outside our known realms certainly may exist, but does it actually, though? This is why documentaries and polls are necessary; just look at CNN's own opinion piece recorded last January, called "Does alien life exist?" The article seems to pinpoint various evidences and theories ranging from past to present on what extraterrestrial life might truly mean, but nowhere does it seem there to debate or question the actual reality of their existence.

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