Wreck This Journal 10

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Hey! So I ACTUALLY kept my promise to upload the new WTJ episode within a week! Props to me right? LOL Anyway, I got a few questions last episode about my book that I am publishing. Right now, it is just a matter of finishing up the formatting (I am about half way through). I was planning on releasing it once I am done with this series, but I may do it earlier so that those of you who want to follow along with me when I do the video series for it, will have time to buy it. While I am on the subject, I would love to get some feedback from you guys with something concerning the book. 1.) The book is all about using your own creativity. Each page will be filled out by the user. Soo, I am going back and forth about whether or not I should add any illustration. If I did put some illustrations in there, they would not be more than little doodles and would likely be in black and white. I don't necessarily think the book needs it, but I fear that it may seem too bare without it. So my question is: Would you rather have a book that is almost completely blank (besides the prompts and instructions) OR would you like to see some simple illustrations (kind of like what you see in the Wreck This Journal)? If you could answer that question for me, it would be MOST helpful! I love the fact that I can consult you guys, it makes things much easier! Thank you once again for watching this series! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more!

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Published at: ۵ years ago
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