Internet, Social Media and Democracy Teaser with Eileen Donahoe



In the increasingly polarized world we live in, how do we balance the right to free speech on digital platforms with other fundamental values -- security, civility and privacy? How can we make the internet more inclusive while also holding users and companies accountable for what is said and shared online? Hear from leading experts as they provide suggestions for how the internet and social media can be more balanced, constructive and democratizing -- not fragmented and politically polarized. Featured speakers: Nate Persily, professor of law, and by courtesy, of communication Eileen Donahoe, executive director, Global Digital Policy Incubator Timothy Garton Ash, senior fellow, Hoover Institution This panel was recorded as part of the Draper Hills Summer Fellowship on Democracy and Development Program, hosted annually at the Stanford Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.

Published by: Stanford Alumni
Published at: ۲ years ago
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