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26 TOLL-FREE (833) PPG-FLYR Welcome to another "discussion-style" video from BlackHawk Paramotors USA! This video is part of our ongoing Paramotor Buyer's Guide Series where we help "potential Pilots" become "educated buyers." For such a growing sport, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. It can be difficult for those who are new to Paramotors to navigate through all of it. BlackHawk is here to help! Today, BlackHawk owner Mike Robinson & BlackHawk's Manager Heidi Lee are going to sit down and discuss an escalating concern in the sport. There's been a growing pattern of negativity and unethical sales practices which are preventing aviation enthusiasts (customers) from getting into the sport entirely. The atmosphere in places like Social Media and online forums has become very toxic. Many of the customers we speak with tell us that they felt completely disenchanted with the sport after getting off the phone with a Dealer. In fact, many of them almost didn't get into the sport, and as Pilots ourselves, this breaks our heart. Many feel like they are quote "buying a used car" when this is supposed to be a professional aviation-related industry. This must stop. It's important to remember that each and every Pilot is an ambassador to the sport - weather they work in the Industry or not. The way Pilots conduct themselves online can impact someone's decision to get into the sport. For many of us, this is a dream spanning back to our childhood. No one should take that away from another human being. Dealers have been at each other's throats fighting over customers and students when there's room for EVERYONE in the sport. Industry professionals (actual Manufacturers) are using fear of death and slanderous disinformation to sell their products. It's embarrassing for those of us with decades in the industry to see the sport go in a direction like this. It's even worse to have to take the time to make a video about this when we'd much rather talk about flying tips. BlackHawk is committed to absolute professionalism and will continue to lead by example. "Paramotoring should be all about the flying... Nothing more and nothing less. Once you forget that, the magic of the experience is just gone." -Team BlackHawk Contact BlackHawk's California Headquarters: -SALES (Call or Text): (209) 418-5990 -OFFICE: (209) 786-7899 -EMAIL: -WEBSITE:

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