Boodan Ya Naboodan | بودن یا نبودن (To Be or Not to Be)

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دختر جوانی بنام آنیک نیاز شدید به پیوند قلب دارد. او به همراه پزشکش به بیمارستانی می‌روند که پسر جوانی بنام امیر که در شب ازدواجش طی نزاعی دچار مرگ مغزی شده را به آنجا آورده‌اند. از آنجا که خانواده امیر وی را زنده می‌پندارند تلاش‌های دکتر برای راضی کردن آن‌ها به پیوند به نتیجه نمی‌رسد. همزمان پدر دختری بنام معصومه که او نیز به قلب نیاز دارد ولی مانند آنیک وضعیتش حاد نیست سعی می‌کند با پرداخت پول به خانواده امیر آن‌ها را راضی کند ... 'To Be or Not to Be' is the story of Anik Avanessian, a young woman suffering from a cardiac insufficiency that has caused her health to deteriorate to the point where she can no longer walk or speak without difficulty. With time running out, Anik is desperate for a heart transplant, but with her name just one on a list of 200, the chances of finding a suitable heart become increasingly unlikely. Anik's future rests in her ability, with her doctor, to convince the family of a brain-dead man to release their loved one's heart, so that it might live on in her. When it transpires that the man is the son of a disreputable criminal family, things go from bad to worse. A suspenseful tale of a woman doing her best to overcome the unimaginable, this film delivers an emotional punch. Synopsis by to be or not to be movie Welcome to the official IMVBox Youtube Channel. IMVBox is an online distribution platform established in September 2013 to support Iranian cinema. It offers both classic Iranian films and the latest titles out of Tehran. At present IMVBox holds exclusive rights for over 1,600 titles and films are being added to the collection gradually. Besides its extensive collection of documentaries, and short and feature films, IMVBox also provides its visitors with up-to-date and in-depth information on Iranian actors, filmmakers, producers and screenwriters. IMVBox's profile was heightened over the summer of 2014, when it won appraisal from the Iranian film industry. In early May the Iranian Students News Agency carried a piece that described IMVBox's work in combating online piracy. Sharing the love for #iraniancinema Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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