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Sajjad Ali - Inside The Track | NA TUM SAMJHE


'INSIDE THE TRACK' is a series of unique videos where Sajjad Ali reveals the musical breakdown of his most popular songs. 'Na Tum Samjhe is the 2nd video of this series. Stay tuned for more. COMMENT BELOW and let us know which songs you want us to feature next ;) A Sajjad Ali Studios Production. *All rights reserved* Follow us on: www.instagram.com/thesajjadali www.facebook.com/SajjadAliOfficial www.twitter.com/sajjad_official SajjadAliStudios@hotmail.com

منتشر شده توسط: Sajjad Ali
تاریخ انتشار: ۱ سال پیش
دسته بندی: موسیقی