Draymond Green - Premier Passer

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"Draymond Green has the decision making of an elite point guard." Those were Jeff Van Gundy's words early on as the Golden State Warriors went for the second best start in NBA history. After Steph Curry, Draymond is the most important player for the world champion Warriors. It’s his decision making that allows them to really make defenses pay when they blitz the guard in an effort to rush the ball out of Steph Curry’s hands. Steph is so good that he draws the trapping double so far out that it allows the rest of the team to attack 4 on 3. It is here that Dray’s decision making really shines through. Yes, they have numbers, but if he picks the wrong pass, the defense can recover, and the advantage is lost. He hardly ever makes the wrong choice, however, and that’s resulted in radical success. I know that I rave about Draymond Green all the time, but there’s just something special about a guy who can space the floor with his shooting, have enough of a post game to punish guys on the switch, scrap for the ball, guard literally every position, set bone rattling screens to free up the sweet shooters Golden State has, AND has the ability to make the right calls, but the accuracy to throw those passes. Flexibility, but with force. Rugged, but resourceful. Burly, but brilliant. That’s how I would describe Draymond and that’s a big part of what makes him the heartbeat of Golden State’s behemoth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cVWeX9P_24&feature=youtu.be

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Published at: 5 years ago
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