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From Artists to Artists is an Animated Short Film by Motion Design School. This work is dedicated to the CG community and to the never-ending struggle to come up with something special and unique. From artists to artists will take you into the fantastic worlds brought to life by the powerful imagination of a young creator. A course is based on this animated movie. Along with other courses of the school, it is aimed to help students unleash their creative potential and make stunning artworks of their own. Embark on an ultimate adventure in the world of CG with Motion Design School. Check out the courses here: https://mds.school -- Welcome to Passion Animation the YouTube channel dedicated to the world of animation! Passion Animation is the place on YouTube to discover in a same channel the greatest and newest animated videos from the best schools and animation studios across the globe. We daily share a fine selection of videos that will delight everyone! Enjoy your stay on Passion Animation and make sure to subscribe to not miss a masterpiece that may be published! 😀 Notes • Want your animation video to be featured? Feel free to contact us. • Please note all videos are uploaded after written copyright permission from respected Artists, Studios and Schools - Regarding content Creative Commons licensed, you will find all details in the description below each video. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode Visit our channel for more #Animation #Animals https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_pZxiIq8BRJwG55Wt83WOw

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