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In today's Daily Fix, Microsoft has officially announced their Gamescom showcase that will be streaming on August 24th. That's just one day before the festivities kick off on Wednesday, August 25th. Microsoft has already made it clear they're focusing on in-depth looks at games that have already been announced, so don't expect any new game announcements. Still, that means there's still plenty to cover, considering all of the first- and third-party titles coming to Xbox Series X and S, PC, and Game Pass. Speaking of game announcements—or lack thereof—Saban, the company behind the Power Rangers, had at one point kicked around the idea of making a big-budget AAA open-world game starring everyone's favorite multi-colored teenagers with attitude. Jason Bischoff, formerly Saban's Director of Global Consumer Products revealed that the company was pitched a game tentatively titled Project Nomad. It would've taken inspiration from the Batman Arkham games, but with a Power Rangers spin. The project never got off the ground at Saban, and it was eventually shopped elsewhere with no luck. But never say never! Maybe a crowdfunded campaign could raise the funds needed to make this real. And finally, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice just got a next-gen optimization patch on Xbox Series X|S. Epect improved visuals with raytracing and three graphics settings: Performance, Resolution, and Enriched (the one with the raytracing). Best of all, the update is free! So if you own the game, get downloading! It's your Daily Fix!

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