36 RARE Historical Images You Must See to Believe

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From ancient hardware; to strange, weird and bizarre things caught on tape; these are 36 RARE Historical Images You Must See To Believe ! Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 16. Simone Segouin Women played a key role in the French resistance during the deuxieme guerre mondial. This photo here shows Simone who began to gain a reputation among the allies after she fearlessly took out 2 German officers at the age of 18. She also helped hold 25 germans prisoner in her home in the village of Thivers. This photo here was taken in 1944 and shows her carrying a German Mp44. 15. Soviet Hero Women are known for playing key roles in military history especially in Russia. This women was deemed a hero after she recorded 59 confirmed kills. This is proof that someone can be quite beautiful and deadly. The image was captured in 1944 and has been colorized 14.Cologne Cathedral Sometimes, entire cities must crumble before a war can finally end. After heavy bombardment by the allies, the cathedral in Cologne, Germany still stands strong and the country hold on to some architectural achievements 13. Portable TV Today, we most likely tak e for granted all the advancements in electronic devices, but back in the day it wasn’t quite as easy. This photo here shows a prototype of a portable television! 12. Miss Beautiful Eyes In 1930, competition was held in Florida to see who had the most beautiful eyes. In order for the face to not have an impact on who had the most beautiful eyes, the contestants would wear masks which fully cover their faces. Something just seems a little creepy about this whole thing! 11. Ankle Contest What’s with these strange contests back then? Another competition in 1930 took place but this time, contestants were only judged by their ankles. If you got cankles don’t bother participating! This shows a police officer as the judge. 10. Hats Everywhere This aerial image was captured in New York in 1939 and what’s interesting is that everyone seems to be wearing a hat! They almost don’t even look like people in a sense. 9. Testing This epic photo was captured in 1912 which shows a man testing out one of the first football helmets ever designed. The testing was pretty simple. Find a guy, pay him to go head first into the wall and then see how he did afterwards. It was made of hardened leather at this time and was similar to aviator helmets. 8. Castro Blinged Out This photo here shows the infamous fidel castro lighting up a cuban cigar during a meeting the USSR. Although you can’t see his other wrist, sources claim that he’s actually wearing 2 Rolex watches. One of them displays the local time in Moscow and the other, in Havana time. 7. The Pacific The ater Quite the show was going on in the Pacific Ocean in 1945 when this photo was taken. It shows a US cruiser firing her cannons at Japanese positions in Okinawa Japan. 6.Capital Construction This photo here was taken in 1863 during the time when the North and South were duking it out. It gives you an idea what washington DC looked like at this time during the crucial moment in history. The construction of the iconic dome was briefly halted but continued once things calmed down a little. 5. Iron Clad Stone Wall Iron ships date bac k a little further than you might have thought and the one we see here was built in 1864 for the confederate Navy. This photo here shows the CSS Stonewall ship made out of 1390 tons of iron built in Bordeaux France. 4. SD Card Delivery In 1942, UPS made the first delivery of an SD Card which took several men to complete. The entire thing weighed roughly 954 pounds and was only able to store 12 photos. People were thrilled with the technology at the time even though the SD card would gradually shrink to the size of a quarter in modern times. 3. The Wild West This photo here shows members of a boat crew posing with native americans alongside the Colorado river at Black Canyon in 1871. The natives most likely members of the Piaute tribe or it’s unclear exactly where they’re from and why they’re wearing american clothing. 2. Wagon Drag Dragging a horse wagon across the sandy desert of Nevada certainly seems like no easy task. This photo was taken in 1867 in the Carson Sink, which was commonly trafficked during california’s gold rush by the pony express and pioneers. 1. Gold Miner The mountainous terrain of Nevada was extremely popular among silver prospectors after the comstock lode was discovered near virginia city. This photo here shows a miner with a pickaxe about 900 feet underground. Certainly doesn’t look like an easy job.

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