Discovering Alien Worlds[Space Documentary]HD



It's a golden age for planet hunters: NASA's Kepler mission has identified more than 3,500 potential planets orbiting stars beyond our Sun. Some of them, like a planet called Kepler-22b, might even be able to harbor life. How did we come upon this distant planet? Combining startling animation with input from expert astrophysicists and astrobiologists, "Alien Planets Revealed" takes viewers on a journey along with the Kepler telescope. How does the telescope look for planets? How many of these planets are like our Earth? Will any of these planets be suitable for life as we know it? Bringing the creative power of veteran animators together with the latest discoveries in planet-hunting, "Alien Planets Revealed" shows the successes of the Kepler mission, taking us to planets beyond our solar system and providing a glimpse of creatures we might one day encounter. Cosmic Voyage: Sucked Inside a Black Hole: Hubbles Amazing Discoveries: Mars Curiosity Rover Landing: Mars pioneers: Earth From Space Real Footage: The Mystery of the Milkyway: The Ever Expanding Universe: Voyager`s Interstellar Mission: If the Earth Stops Spinning: What Happened before the Big Bang?: The Dark Side of the Universe: Black Hole:Monster in the Milkyway: Pluto Mysteries: Revisiting The Moon Landing: Pluto:

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