Portal 2 Co-Op with Hellbent [Part 2-B]

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WARNING: I didn't censor the language in this video. Protect your ears if strong language offends you. :3 So.. due to weird problems with Hellbent's recording software, this and part 2-A are the only views we have for the second course. Hellbent and I streamed a redo of it though, which you can find here: youtube.com/watch?v=QHGlTfbL690 This is the second part of the second session. The original was about an hour long, so I figured this way would be easier to watch. Enjoy! TOOLS --- Recording Program: Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) --- NOTES --- To those wondering about the frame rate, I recorded at a pretty low fps to keep the file size manageable. I don't have a ton of space on my hard drives and I don't specialize in games, so yeah. x3 Besides, this is a "for fun" kinda thing.

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