LEGO City Hospital 60204 Unboxing, Speed Build & Review!

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Join me as I review LEGO City Hospital 60204, an 861 piece LEGO Hospital perfect for LEGO City with 11 LEGO minifigures including 3 doctors, hospital worker, 2 paramedics, Mom, Dad and 3 patients, plus skeleton and LEGO baby minifigure. This 3-level modular LEGO hospital from LEGO City includes LEGO ER with ambulance bay, sliding door, ophthalmology with vision testing chart, x-ray room with light brick projector plus a maternity delivery room and a helipad. This is a fun, family friendly LEGO City unboxing, speed build and review video. New to my channel? Why not subscribe at The LEGO City hospital has a reception area and ambulance bay on the ground floor complete with first aid trolley and somewhere to buy a snack and a copy of The LEGO Times. On second we have the vision testing lab and an x-ray room with light brick and x-ray slides. Up on the final level we have a LEGO operating theater / maternity facility to bring LEGO babies into the world. Vehicles included in the 60204 LEGO City Hospital include a copiously stickered ambulance and a paramedic helicopter which lacks space for patients and appropriate first aid gear. Despite its limitations, 60204 LEGO City Hospital was a huge amount of fun to build and is a great addition to LEGO City despite the heavy use of stickers. It's a fun LEGO City modular build and I really enjoyed unboxing, speed building and reviewing this LEGO City LEGO set. New to my channel? Why not subscribe at Music Credits: Clover 3 by Vibe Mountain Lightning Bugs by Geographer

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