Let's shrink the Windows server!

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When you start approaching 10 TB, Windows software RAID starts to feel a little dodgy, so we're preparing to put a much more suitable machine into the big case ... but that requires the big case to be free! Throw money at me: https://patreon.com/ffcossag Music, when applicable, supplied by https://combatplayer.bandcamp.com/ -- THIS VIDEO IS RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN To the extent possible under law, I have waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights to this work, according to the Creative Commons CC0 affirmer. This means that anyone is free to use this content in any manner they see fit, without my objection. However, the video may still contain copyrighted content (images, video, audio, software, etc.) that does not belong to me. WHILE I DO NOT RESERVE THE RIGHTS OF ANY PART OF THIS VIDEO, THE COPYRIGHT OF THIRD-PARTY CONTENT STILL BELONGS TO ITS RESPECTIVE OWNERS. THE COPYRIGHT OF THIRD-PARTY CONTENT IS NOT WAIVED. THE VIDEO IS PROVIDED AS-IS, AND I DO NOT PROVIDE ANY GUARANTEE OF ITS QUALITY.

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