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Here is a guide showing how to beat EVERY character in FNaF AR, from the game's launch in late 2019 to the end of 2020. This guide only covers every character, not every skin. NOTE: During each encounter, the animatronics never actually move when they step. This is because of a glitch that is affecting certain users, but most are unaffected. Timestamps: 0:14 Bare Endo 1:47 Freddy Fazbear 3:28 Bonnie 4:53 Chica 5:30 Foxy 6:54 Balloon Boy 8:41 Baby 10:30 Springtrap 13:11 Shadow Bonnie 14:29 Toy Chica 17:08 Freddy Frostbear 18:21 Toy Bonnie 20:28 Toy Freddy 22:06 Mangle 23:36 8-Bit Baby 25:22 Ballora 26:36 Jack-O-Chica 28:07 Jack-O-Bonnie 30:39 Plushtrap 31:43 Golden Freddy Leave a like if you enjoyed today's video! *SUBSCRIBE* for more content ► Join my Discord server (EXPERIMENTAL!) ► Be sure to read all the rules upon joining the server! Outro Song: Rewired - The Whole Other (YouTube Audio Library) FNaF is rated T for Teen (13+). The FNaF franchise, and content associated with it, is not encouraged to be viewed by young audiences. While at surface level the FNaF franchise does not appear to have anything mature besides creepy character designs, it has various dark background themes and story lore that is unsuitable for young audiences.

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