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Kharma International EV2 Veyron Loudspeakers, Visonair One Equipment Console, dCS, Kharma Audio, Hig


Please visit website.: www.kharma.com Contact Kharma: Kharma International Headquarters & Kharma Factory Kalshoven 7 4825 AL Breda, the Netherlands Tel.: + 31 76 57 150 10 Fax.: + 31 76 57 147 73 Email.: info@kharma.com Kharma International produces the very exclusive High-End Audio Kharma products and sells worldwide through a network of highly qualified distributors and dealers. All systems are developed, assembled and tested in Breda with the utmost care by a team of highly dedicated specialist. AVShowrooms is proud to support Kharma _____________________________________ Please visit http://www.avshowrooms.com for the best high performance product videos on the Internet. We are the premier destination for high end audio equipment reviews, company tours, show reports and forums.

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