Simon's Cat in 'Off to the Vet' - Vet Visit

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Simon heads off to Cats Protection HQ for some inspiration for our new film Off to the Vet!NEW BOOK - 'Simon's Cat in Off to the Vet: And Other Cat-astrophes'! Find out where to buy your copy here – Our Indiegogo campaign closed on the 6th of August. Simon's Cat in 'Off to the Vet' will be released in 2015! Keep an eye on our website for any news and updates! CREDITS: Featuring: Simon Tofield Nicky Trevorrow Emily Billings Music by: Sam Clunie Directed by: Chris Gavin The official Simon's Cat website and shop: Official Website: Official webshop: Stay connected with Simon's Cat on your favourite websites: Facebook: Instagram: Google+: Twitter: Tumblr: Pinterest: If you want to email us: Thank you for watching! : )

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Published at: ۵ years ago
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