Artists Being The Funniest People Ever

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Art has no limits, neither humor. And when those two wonderful worlds are put together it allows this fantastic pieces come to life. Mash-up characters, cringe cartoons, some criticism and apparently innocent videos with a plot twist... all of them will put a smile on your face. If you want to get inspired by more artists like these you can check our blog ( Check Out These Amazing Artists: BLABLA ART Instagram: Mail: Youtube: Blabla Art is also on Tiktok! This artists is based in Seoul. She is great at drawing famous characters with pencil colors in the most friendly yet surprising way. It's worth to take a look at his page! KEIGO Instagram: Web: This comic artist from Japan will blow your mind with his creativity and the visual jokes about the life of the animals. BRAEDEN ‘OBRIEN TikTok: Instagram: Braeden is a young Canadian artist who became famous for his funny drawings on TikTok. Restyling cartoon characters is his most amazing ability! JONATHAN DURAND-MÉNARD Shop : Instagram : YouTube : Box à dessin Facebook : @jdmartiste Boxadessin does very good doodle and sketch artwork. Using black markers to draw the outline and color marker to fill. It´s look amazing especially print it in a sticker. SPACEGOOOSE Instagram: Web: This American artist is amazing at finding a new meaning in everydays's objects. He is such a good drawer and full of creativity! JAN HAKON ERICHSEN Instagram: YouTube: Web: Mail: Jan became famous for destroying balloons in the most creative ways. It's hard to believe but this is the truth... GINPEZ Instagram: Tiktok: Young artists from TikTok are full of creativity and this one is not the exception. DINO TOMIC He’s been passionate about drawing since a young age, by the time he would be 26 years old he wanted to be a good/great artist known internationally, And now, passed the age of 26 years old, he is one of the most special and different artists in the world. VINCENT BAL Instagram: Youtube: Vincent Bal is a Belgian filmmaker and artist. He has made four feature films and several shorts. While he was working on a new script in May 2016, he suddenly noticed how the shadow of a teacup on his desk looked like a little elephant. He completed the image with a few lines, took a picture and shared it on instagram. The reactions were so positive that he challenged himself to make one of these ‘shadow doodles’ every day. He hasn’t stopped since. Hung Rae Instagram: this korean visual artist sees the world in a special way. With a unique drawing style, the jokes are full of criticism. ROBERT SIMONS Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Robert's style is unique. He created a whole world of characters and stories. And his crossovers are really amazing! ATAGUA ARTS Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Daniel Atagua is another TikTok artist with an infinite creativity. His characters restylings are amazing and made him famous on this social media! PAPERBOYO Instagram: Amazon: Rich McCor known as paperboyo creates photographies changing his reality with drawings. His work became so famous Will Smith collaborated in one of his videos. Don't miss out on his new projects! HUSNA BASHIR Instagram: Tiktok: Are you tired of the same Disney princesses again and again? Don't worry, Husna will give them a new look. Don't miss his creations on TikTok! Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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