Star Cradle Animagus Crustaceanus

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Star Cradle - Animagus Crustaceanus Star Cradle session 8-25-16 (2) All music is improvised and recorded as played live on August 25th 2016 (second session) Videos are clips of various animations including: A Space Journey CGI 3D Animation BROKEN by ArtFX Sci-Fi VFX 3D Animated Short Film TABULA RASA Fantastic Animation by Arnoldas Vitkus CGI 3D Animated Short Film AKRYLS by Rubika CGI 3D Animated Short HD Welcome to Paradise CGI 3D Sci-Fi Short HD Autonomous CGI VFX Short Film HD The Origin of Creatures by Floris Kaayk Sci-fi animation Exoids

منتشر شده توسط: Nuclear Summer
تاریخ انتشار: ۳ سال پیش
دسته بندی: موسیقی