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THIS TIME QUANTASTIC WOULD LIKE TO SHARE SOME OF OUR FAVOURITE RECENT FINDS, TO ENTERTAIN AND INSPIRE YOUR CREATIVE MIND. WE HAVE FOUND EVERYTHING FROM CAPTIVATING COS-PLAY COSTUMES TO WONDROUS GLASS SCULPTURES. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY ALL THESE CLASSIC QUANTASTIC SELECTIONS AND APPRECIATE EACH TALENT JUST AS MUCH AS WE DO. Check Out These Amazing Artists: GARGOYLE KING Instagram: Shop: The Gargoyle King loves making cosplay outfits and other dark methods of horror VITALY SPAROFF Instagram: Tiktok: He is Russian Jack Sparrow and has a popular TikTok account PAPAFREEZER Instagram: Tiktok: Makes cool distortion clips using simple everyday objects FILIPE MIRANDA Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Felipe Miranda is a fantastic professional diorama and miniature model maker PAPER STREET WOODWORKS Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Facebook: Shop: Talented artist and Dad, Woodworker, Ginger with a Beard of Zeus. BRANDON JOHNSON Instagram: Brandon Johnson is an AV engineer and inventor with a passion for cosplay MACIE Instagram: Macie entertained and inspired us all with her fancy dress outfit she made EDWARD Tiktok: Edward - edjcontreras is a famous flip book maker who has over 22.3M likes on Tik Tok SIMON DEE Instagram: Youtube: Simon Dee is a talented graffiti-pop artist from Italy ANAELIC Instagram: Anaelic is a UK based cosplyer who has a talented or creating her own outfits COLIN ROBERTS Instagram: Web: Colin Roberts is a Los Angeles-based artist who makes sculptures from glass DIYnThings Youtube: COSTUME WORKS Web: I THE CRAFTER Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Shop: This artist certainly has skills for creating miniatures. Using colored polymer clay, she accurately depicts captivating pieces. All details are considered in her extraordinary work! STORES 2021 Web: RHETTTTTRO Instagram: The art of sculpting is mastered by only few people. Rhett is one of them. FILIPE MIRANDA Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Felipe Miranda is a fantastic professional diorama and miniature model maker AYAE SUZUKI Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Twitter: Cocottó has an onlinen store and enjoys organizing parties with the most beautiful decoration items. MISHA POTTERY Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Toropenko Mikhail is a pottery expert who techers on Tiktok and Instagram PLANNING JANI Instagram: Tiktok: Jani is a creative planner and enjoys a little art and crafty as well as watercolour Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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