Install xposed framework on Android Nougat 7.0 and 7.1+ { Official } | Working Guide

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This is the guide to install xposed framework on nougat android devices 7.0 and 7.1+, recently Rovo89 master of xposed framework has released the new official xposed. you need some requirements before going to proceed. You much have rooted device and Custom recovery installed. Root Your android device with magisk full guide:- Install Twrp in any android device:- Download links for the xposed framework for Android nougat:- if you want to install magisk module of xposed framework (official) from topjohnwu . this will help you to pass the safetynet issue with xposed. this will install the xposed framework systemlessly :- and follow the above procedure to install. Xposed framework for Oreo android 8.0 & 8.1+ (Development Status):- What is Xposed Framework? Xposed Framework is an essential supporting structure which helps the users to customize their Android device quickly, and there are tons of modules which will help you to customize the device according to your choice you can also theme the system application and much more with using Substratum. Xposed Framework is available for almost every Android device, and if you want to enjoy the Xposed framework, then you can enjoy it in Marshmallow and Lollipop as well. Xposed framework is developed by the famous developer from XDA which is Rovo89. He is the leading developer who developed the Xposed framework for Marshmallow and Lollipop. He was working for Nougat, but before him, the developer ErnyTech came up with a Xposed framework which helps the users to enjoy the Xposed in Nougat as well. If you will check now, then this Xposed framework becomes unofficial, because Rovo89 does not publish it. If you are going to install this framework on your device, then you will see that none of the modules will be working just because Android Nougat needs API Level 24 and 25 and most of the modules are available for API level 23 which is working fine on Marshmallow device. What Kind of Processor You Have (ARM, ARM64, or x86). There are different kind of zip files which you can install it on your device. There are files for the arm, arm64, and x86 architecture. If you want to install Xposed framework systemless-ly, then you can flash the framework file on your device. Xposed Installer: Xposed installer is the Android application which allows you to run the modules and also whenever you want to install any module it asks you whether you want to customize your Android device module. If you try installing the module now on your device, it won’t work because the support for the module is not available, so you need to wait for some days to get the support or wait for the official release of the Xposed framework. 😈 We're social 😈 ````````````````````````````` 👽 Facebook:👽 Twitter:👽 Facebook Group:👽 Google +:

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