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What makes something satisfying? No one knows for sure, but these creators sure know how to do it. Here we bring you some satisfying clips to get you through the week. Enjoy! Check Out These Amazing Artists: BLACK LIGHT VISUALS Instagram: Tiktok: Black light visual are the Pioneers of Body Marbling®. 俊成面食分享 Douyin ID: wyq666888wyq Wechat: 16775325051 LOGANSCANDIES Instagram: Tiktok: WOLF + BEAR Instagram: Facebook: Shop: ZHURAVLEVA ANNA Instagram: Tiktok: FRANCO MELANIEH Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: 味尚烘焙管理 Douyin ID: v17863332914 Wechat: 17863332914 SWEET JOSIE BAKES Instagram: VAGABLONDIE Instagram: Tiktok: Web: Shop: AYAE SUZUKI Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Twitter: LUCAS ZANOTTO Instagram: Web: KATY MCNULTY Instagram: Tiktok: 匠才才 Instagram: Douyin ID: jcc1923 MANDYROOS Web: JOHNSON TSANG ARTIST Instagram: SHSADLER Web: SEYOCIZMIC Web: RIA Instagram: Tiktok: VALERIE WAI Instagram: Shop: COFEE TSK Instagram: Facebook: TIM BISKUP Instagram: IRINA ERKAN X INTELLIGENT BEAUTY Behnance: TODD ROBINSON Web: ALEXA DOPFER Instagram: Tiktok: Youtube: Shop: GEETHU CHANDRAMOHAN AKA COLOURFULMYSTIQUE Instagram: Youtube: MATTEO PUGLIESE ART Instagram: JEFF MUHS Instagram: MATTHEW LARSON TERRY HOGAN HELEN HAY Instagram: 咖啡拉花孟老师 Douyin ID: kafeimeng Xiaohongshu: 796547689 RESINDIVA BY HALEY PATRICIA Instagram: Tiktok: Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at:

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