Fireman Sam Lighthouse Playset Toys Unboxing Fun With Wallaby Neptune Ckn Toys

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Hi guys, today we are unboxing and playing with this cool Fireman Sam Lighthouse Playset. There is never a dull moment at the Fireman Sam lighthouse. Mike is standing on the upper platform scanning the sea with his telescope and uses the light in the lighthouse to guide ships safely into the port. He can use the cable winch to abseil down or the slide inside the lighthouse. When called to the rescue, an alarm sounds inside the control room and a red light flashes. Mike can quickly store all his tools in the secret compartment inside the lighthouse. The Fireman Sam lighthouse comes with a revolving light, which is switched on and rotated by pressing and turning the button on the roof.

Published by: CKN Toys
Published at: 3 years ago
Category: سرگرمی